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Convenia                         Tylan/Tylosin                                          Canine Vaginal Cytology

Cephalexin                      Baytril

Amoxicillan                    Doxycycline

Clavamox                        Metronidazole

Fish Antibiotics               Baycox/Toltrazuril

Benedryl                        Manuka Honey

a                             litter Medical                                                                         Litters/Puppies

Folic Acid                                                  


Reasons why a dog may urinate a lot                               Postpartum-problems-in-the-bitch

Complicated Urinary Tract Infections                               Litter Loss-Infectious/Non-infectious              

Vaginal Discharge in Dogs                                                  Cleft Palates: The Most Common Congenital Defect In Puppies

How To Participate In Cancer Research                           Retained Testicle (s)

20 Disorders causing frequent urination                        Puppy Related Events

Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs                                                 What should you do with a retained puppy tooth 

Monitoring Bitches Temperature to Predict Whelp         

Diarrhea in Puppies                                                            Breech Birth-What to do? 

Inducing Vomiting in Dogs                                                Preparing Plasma for Puppies

Puppy Strangles                                                                 Postpartum Problems in the Bitch

Dr. Schultz lecture on vaccines                                        fetal-count x-ray vs. ultrasound

Stud-tail-a-pain-near-the-butt                                        2019 fading puppy intervention guide

Masticatory Muscle Myositis                                            Giardia

Infertility in the Stud Dog

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Puppy Weekly Hip Joint Growth Development  

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inflamatory bowel disease

blood bank

dysplasia positioning 3 dysplasia internal ball rotation

grca news article2

dysplasia femoral rotation

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Bias in research

davis snip variation in position

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