Sept 9 2018 UPDATE:  Valor Puppy Families:   Many Goldens and other breeds for that matter are coming up with LOW BLOOD Taurine.   This in turn can lead to diet induced (as opposed to a genetic link)  DCM  Dialated Cardiomyopathy, a deadly heart condition.  Please disregard this page until further notice, with the exception of this report from UCDavis.
UCDavis Investigates Link Between Dog Diets and Deadly Heart Disease



This page is designed as a tool for my puppy families.  If your not one of them, your still welcome to look around.

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The Importance of Water: Fact Sheet  ⇐⇐Click for PDF must read  

Dr. Karen Becker’s Best and Worst Pet Foods

Calcium/Phosphorus Requirments   “Early results suggest that puppies fed a high mineral diet were more likely to develop lameness or clinical signs of acute skeletal abnormalities such as”……. must read

The Dog Food Project    “Hopefully you will find this site helpful, make up your own mind about different food brands and their quality, choose a better food and who knows – maybe even save some money”……                                                   zz              

2016 Whole Dog Journal List of Approved Foods   This is your list of foods to choose from.  Most  dog food companies carry Large Breed Puppy Food.           

Rotation Diet  “Feeding a variety of different foods can help to avoid the development of allergies”…. must read

Rotation Diet – Dr. Jean Dodd’s Resource Blog   “Like humans, dogs should be eating a variety of nutritious foods, and not living on just one specific formula”…….must read

Large Breed Puppy Food: An In Depth Look     “The average golden retriever grows from 14 oz to over 65 lbs within one year – a 70 fold increase in size. Human beings take 18 years to accomplish the same thing. At the same time their joints are growing”…….must read

Ingredients to avoid in Dog Food   “this is  a comprehensive list of dangerous and/or poor quality ingredients, but it names most of the ones that are used especially in lower end foods and should be avoided”…….

Canned vs Kibble  ⇐⇐Click for PDF


Chicken Broth

Apple Cider Vinegar

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil in Your Dogs Diet

Dr. Karen Becker discussesTumeric

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